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Supporting Independence

The purpose of our regular visits with members is to be helpful. If something is out of reach, we get it. If the member is forgetful, we offer reminders. If there's a spill, we clean it up. The member is in the driver's seat and we're there to support them in their independence.
Milo Companion Doris helps member Carl with tasks around the house


I live better because my Milo companion helps me stay organized and on track. She helps me communicate with my son."
-Carl, Milo member
Milo Companion Doris checks in with member Carl to see what she can help him with


Check In
Companions see how their members are doing and ask how they'd like to spend their time. Some members have asked companions to run through a series of questions: "Do you have any doctor's appointments coming up? Have you taken your medication?"
Milo Companion Doris delivers healthy meals from a registered dietician to member Carl
Gourmet Meals


Members choose two meals from our menu for every visit, each prepared the night before. Companions transport the meals in coolers and place them in the fridge.
Milo Companion Doris shows seniors ways to improve his grip strength with a squeeze ball
Grip Strength


Grip strength is a predictor of longevity, and when it's good, it makes all the little things easier like opening jars or buttoning shirts. We give members ways to improve their grip strength every visit, and we measure their progress once a month. 
Watch Dr. Bill Thomas talk about grip strength here.
Milo Companion Doris shows seniors ways to improve his grip strength with a squeeze ball


Tracking Progress
After the visit is over, companions take notes on how members are doing, and send messages to members or their loved ones as appropriate. For instance, they might remind members about upcoming appointments or let family members know that a task has been taken care of.
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