Goal number one: stay connected

Using an ecosystem of apps, our team stays in regular contact to support Milo members and give their children peace of mind. And while using the tablet is not obligatory, most seniors are surprised to learn that they can easily find their way around a tablet. Plus, our companions are always on hand to help.
Milo Member
Can use their tablet to: 
• Reschedule visits
• Order Milo meals
• Contact local General Manager 
Milo Companion
Uses companion app to: 
• Record notes from visits 
• Record grip strength
• Record timed get up and go
Loved Ones
Through their app, they can:
• See notes from each visit
• See progress parent is making
• Contact local General Manager
General Managers in each region:
• Can see companion's location 
• Check in on members 
• Provide customer support 
Local Support
milo compantion reacing goals video thumb


We know that goals are a great motivator, which is why Milo companions help members set goals. Then companions work with members to help them reach their goals, whether it's learning how to use Facebook messenger or making a 20-minute walk a daily activity.

Our apps make it easy for seniors to set personal goals...

as well as choose their meals for the week.

Plus, our local support team is always on hand to help.

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