Making safety a priority

We offer a wearable safety device with fall detection, GPS, and 24/7 access to live assistance. Family members are notified through our app anytime the device is activated.


Powered by the largest and most dependable wireless network, our mobile safety device works no matter the location. It's waterproof, so it can even go in the shower.

Access anytime

Anytime the device is activated, either by pressing the button or through a fall, a Certified 5Star® Agent will be on the line, ready to assist members on demand.

Informed assistance 

Because agents have access to members' health information, they can contact doctors and emergency contacts if necessary, or help members with their medications. 

Access anywhere
milo member using mobile safety device at home


"I got to my mobile safety device, and someone was here in no time at all"
- John, Milo member

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