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Milo meals use a variety of flavor profiles using the freshest ingredients available for seniors
With our freshly prepared meals, seniors no longer need to stock up on groceries and take the time to make meals for themselves, which can be a burden, especially on those who live alone. Our chef, a registered dietician, designed the menu so that it's low in sodium, and includes options for diabetics and vegetarians. We don't choose the meals for our members; they choose from our extensive selection. 

Ready to eat


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Milo companion Doris brings Niki her healthy meals that promote nutrition and strength in seniors.


“The meals, which come up to six a week, are gourmet meals — what you would get at a fine restaurant. That’s really priceless!”
- Nikki, Milo member

Meet Chef Sean

Sean Danahy, Milo’s Culinary Director, believes that the value of food is profound. In addition to being a registered dietician, he’s a graduate of the University of Maryland and the Culinary Institute of America with a degree in culinary arts and applied nutrition.
Chef Sean, a registered dietician with a degree in culinary arts prepares healthy Milo meals

Have a look at our selection

Click on each photo for nutritional information

with garlic mashed potatoes, collard greens and sautéed eggplant

with dried cranberries tossed in a vinaigrette

with linguine tossed in
a green enchilada sauce

with stir-fry vegetables
and basmati rice

with lemon thyme
green beans

with root vegetables, fresh tomato sauce and parmesan cheese

with garlic farro, beets, and a sesame ginger snap pea sauté

with green sauce and
cilantro lime rice

with fresh tomato sauce and lemon thyme green beans

with fresh vegetables and seared tofu over brown rice

with Dijon sauce,
sweet potato hash and
sautéed asparagus

with Caribbean sauce,
roasted peppers and
onions over cilantro rice.

with garlic mashed potatoes, sautéed cabbage and carrots

with root vegetables in a white sauce over egg noodles

with garden tomato sauce, garlic herbed farro, and sautéed asparagus

with root vegetables and parslied red potatoes

with seasoned zucchini over garlic herbed farro

with baked mac & cheese
and steamed broccoli

with dill sauce, roasted tomatoes, asparagus,
and couscous

with snap pea and carrot
stir-fry over cilantro rice

with herbed couscous

with English peas and
tomato couscous

with pan-roasted corn and spiced brown rice

in a creamy bacon sauce with collard greens and grit cake

Roasted pork chop and steamed broccoli over parmesan & herbed linguine

with Spanish style beans
and cilantro rice

over bacon fried rice
with snap peas

with lemon thyme green beans, roasted squash,
and brown rice pilaf

with sautéed spinach, glazed beets and mac & cheese

with mushroom cream sauce over egg noodles
and green beans

with sautéed baby spinach and potatoes au gratin

over basmati rice

with brussels sprouts,
carrots and gnocchi

with garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli, and carrots

with golden potatoes, steamed broccoli, and
honey-glazed carrots

with root vegetables over baked parmesan polenta cake

with sautéed cabbage
and basmati rice

with fresh tomato sauce over linguine pasta

with roasted fennel stroganoff over herbed rotini pasta

with green beans and
sweet potato mash

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