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Are memberships customizable?

Yes, members can choose meal delivery without visits, or simply get visits from a Milo companion without meals. Our complete membership offers meals, companion visits and a mobile safety device.

Where did Milo come from?

Milo was founded by industry experts — Holiday Retirement and Dr. Bill Thomas — who have
created, tested and implemented a unique approach that focuses on helping our members stay independent, so they can live in their homes as long as possible, safely.

Who is Dr. Bill Thomas?

Dr. Bill Thomas is an internationally-renowned geriatrician who has dedicated his life to working with older adults. Named a “top 12 innovator” in aging and retirement by The Wall Street Journal, Thomas helps elders focus on strength, purpose and belonging in order to maintain their independence.

What is Holiday Retirement?

With more than 40 years of experience, Holiday Retirement is recognized as a pioneer of independent retirement communities, and serves 35,000 older adults in 300 locations.

How long has Milo been around?

Milo was launched in early 2017, and is currently in three cities: Orlando, Florida; Portland, Oregon; and Charlotte, North Carolina. Fully funded by Holiday Retirement, Milo is here to stay.

Is Milo covered by insurance?

While Milo isn’t covered by insurance, it’s a fraction of the cost of independent living facilities.



What types of tasks can Milo companions do?

Milo companions can help with most anything the member wants to focus on—putting together flat-pack furniture, putting up decorations or taking them down, cleaning out the fridge, vacuuming carpets, taking the dog for a walk, bringing in the mail, teaching members how to use their tablets (Facebook, Skype, etc.), asking members if they’ve taken their medication, etc.

Are Milo companions nurses or home health aides?

Milo companions are not trained nurses or healthcare professionals, so for everyone’s safety they don’t provide services like bathing or toilet support nor do Milo companions provide a housekeeping service (no deep bathroom cleaning, etc.).

Do Milo companions help members focus on well-being?

Yes, by giving members ways to improve their grip strength, and by measuring their grip strength as well as their timed up and go (the time it takes to rise from a seated position, walk ten feet, and sit back down again), which they do once a month. All measurements are recorded on the tablet.

Can Milo companions drive members to appointments?

Milo companions help members thrive at home, so no driving.

How often do Milo companions visit?

In our standard membership, Milo companions visit three times a week for practical support and companionship, though members can choose to have fewer or more frequent visits.

How long is each visit with a Milo companion?

In our standard membership, each visit lasts thirty minutes, though members can choose to have longer visits if they wish.

Do members get to choose who visits?

Milo companions are currently assigned by location, though we also take personal connection into consideration — we want to make sure our members are paired with the right person.

How are Milo companions vetted?

All Milo companions undergo background checks and love the work they do. They feel that supporting seniors is their calling in life.

Can members contact Milo companion outside of visits?

Yes, by using the tablet or by calling a General Manager, who will pass along any messages.


How often do meals get delivered?

Meals are delivered each visit—our members normally opt for two meals per visit.

Can members choose what meals they get?

They sure can! We have forty healthy, delicious options to choose from.

Are the meals freshly prepared?

Yes, we have local chefs in each market who make the meals each day.

How did you create the menu?

Our menu is designed by Chef Sean, who is also a registered dietician.

What if a meal isn’t satisfying?

If someone isn’t happy with a meal, we will replace it.


What is the tablet for?

The tablet lets members measure their progress on goals, grip strength, and timed get up and go with the help of their companions. Many of our members now use their tablets instead of computers to get online or message friends on Facebook because it’s so much easier.

Do all members have to use the tablet?

Not at all; Milo companions can show the progress members are making using the tablet or members can use our web app online using their personal computers.

How often will family members / loved ones receive progress updates?

They will receive an update after each visit with a Milo companion.

Why is well-being progress shared with others?

Progress is shared—with permission—in order to stay connected and offer peace of mind.

What if family members / loved ones want to get in touch with Milo?

They can use their Milo app to get in touch or they can call the General Manager.

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